We go surfing together

In Ustaritz, the waves and surf spots are 20 to 30 minutes away.

Indeed, Ustaritz benefits from a very interesting position to always have direct access to a “working” spot within a reasonable perimeter.

By level, we leave from Ustaritz towards specific surfing conditions, during round trips which last from 2h30 to 4h+.

(For the first session, I check your level in “easy” conditions.)

Ustaritz est au cœur du au pays basque du labour. Les spots sont rapidement accessibles pour un cours de surf.

Ustaritz is an ideal itinerant Base Camp for discovering the surf spots of the Basque Coast and Landes

In the heart of the Basque Country, Ustaritz stands out as a destination of choice for surfing enthusiasts looking to explore the popular waves of the Basque coast and the south of the Landes. Although the town itself lacks dedicated surfing infrastructure, its strategic location and authentic local vibe more than makes up for this shortcoming, offering surfing enthusiasts a unique experience.

Easy access to spots

Ustaritz positions itself as an ideal base camp for day travelling. With no waves and equipment directly on site, surfers have the flexibility to move easily between the many iconic spots in the surrounding area. This itinerant approach without preference allows you to explore the very different wave conditions offered by the Basque coast and the Landes, offering a tailor-made adventure.

Proximity to all major spots

Located a short drive from world-famous spots such as Biarritz, Hossegor and Guéthary, Ustaritz also offers quick access to a variety of waves that can be chosen for beginner lessons. Surfers can therefore choose the spot each day that meets their expectations in terms of conditions and skill levels.

Local charm and authenticity

After a day on the waves and the hustle and bustle of the coast, Labor seduces with its local charm and authenticity. Explore the picturesque streets, discover the cultural and agricultural wealth of the Basque Country, and immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere far from the tourist crowds. The itinerant aspect allows you to live an immersive experience, in harmony with the Basque lifestyle.

Adventurous spirit

The lack of dedicated surfing infrastructure in Ustaritz only reinforces the adventurous spirit of this destination. Surfers can embrace the freedom to choose their day-to-day experiences, exploring new horizons and discovering little-known gems of the Basque coast and Landes. A few minutes’ drive away, you can even begin climbing the first peaks accessible by hiking.

In short, Ustaritz presents itself as the ideal itinerant base camp for surf enthusiasts looking for an authentic adventure. With its proximity to major spots, its local charm, and the adventurous spirit that stems from its lack of dedicated infrastructure, Ustaritz offers a unique experience that will appeal to surfers looking for discovery and freedom.