Welcome to the world of our Traveling Surf Lessons

Cours de surf école encadrement collectif débutant

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, our unique surf lessons offer much more than just an experience.

Explore why these lessons are a total immersion into the world of surfing.

At each session, I adapt the course so that each surfer can leave with a smile from ear to ear!
Surf lessons are offered in group, mini-group and individual formats.

For all levels

Whether you’re setting foot on a board for the first time or looking to perfect your technique, our lessons are suitable for all levels. Each lesson is personalized to meet your specific needs.

Discovery of exclusive spots

Far from the crowds, our courses take you to carefully selected exclusive spots. Explore from the secret beaches of the Basque Country to the iconic waves of the South of Landes, creating an authentic surfing experience.

Safety guide

Your safety is our top priority. With an experienced instructor at your side, benefit from a safe environment that promotes confidence, allowing for peaceful progression in the art of surfing.

Examples of “surf lessons” sessions

I discover the activity

We were all beginners before we learned.

This is a surf lesson specially supervised for a first discovery of the environment and the equipment.

The objective of the session is to give you the first sensations of sliding and to achieve recovery in a safe environment.

The material is foam, provided by ecole.surf.

Premières mousses en redressement en autonomie pendant un cours surf collectif enfants

We’re going offshore

Take an unbroken mole wave and take direction

This is a session aimed at surfers who have mastered standing up in the foam and maintaining it from a stable and available position.

I will accompany you to the peak to help you read the water, currents, swell analysis and placement in the take off zone.

For beginner surfers, the ideal in this progression phase is to start with very small soft waves and a large board.

For successful surfers, we also work on the bottum-turn and the direction that follows.

This exercise can be used in medium and hollow waves at the advanced level. Request “late take-off + barrel” session!

You are riding !

Your goal is to accumulate riding time 🙂

In surfing, the time spent on your board, with both feet planted, riding a wave, is short. And if we fall quickly, it’s ruined.

On this type of course, we will look for the waves you like to surf in their shape and size, but by organizing a “long waves” session.

Cours de surf a la journée, expédition journée vers seignosse pour surfer une longue gauche

Ideally, we will also choose a spot with an “elevator” (small gentleman’s current which brings us back to the peak).

To successfully surf a wave for as long as possible, you must be able to maintain your balance on the one hand, but also to steer the board by “reading the wave”.

In this session format, we can work on forward/backward support and the gaze that anticipates taking direction.


Video analysis

And no, you’re not world champion, even on video? And it’s often the ego that takes a hit…

Surfing is a sensational sport, we progress and we have fun. But to continue to acquire the perfect gesture, video feedback is often very useful.

Session de surf filmée et analysée par votre moniteur de surf

I therefore recommend that every surfer dare to be filmed and then see their faults themselves. Adding the professional’s opinion is complementary!

We then organize a filmed session with face-to-face debriefing.

I also analyze your videos remotely with a video conference to leave with personalized advice.

En savoir plus sur l’analyse vidéo

Dad Mon Pitchoun

“Next grom’s and family” sessions (VIP only)

Done with parents, from 4 years old. In a small group, everyone participates in this fun moment of pleasure in the ocean.

Option: Bodysurfing, bodyboarding, tandem surfing, lying down, standing.

On a suitable body of water.

Cours de surf privé pour un enfant de 5 ans en tandem

Challenge Waterman / Waterwoman

The big session

Because ultimately, why not go see what’s happening offshore when it’s tough?

To tackle big wave surfing, you have to take it little by little.

Here we are lucky to have spots specially adapted to discover big wave surfing.

Session de surf à la rame, sans assistance jet ski, l'hiver a parlementia.

But be careful, because big wave surfing is only accessible to people… with a big board!

I help you choose your equipment and pass on my knowledge of spots and weather forecasts.

Reflexes of protection, relaxation, mental posture, apnea etc.

Snorkling reef breaks !

It’s in the little ones that we learn to surf the big ones. But when it’s flat?

When it’s flat, it can be an opportunity to learn how to “do a duck” with a small board.

And why not also explore the seabed of the best reefbreaks?

Your aquatic skills are then tested on fierce wildlife. You will need to be discreet, calm and observant. Sometimes in apnea.

You may come across sea bream, sea bass, mullet, octopus, cuttlefish, schools of sapfish, spiders, electric rays…etc.