Does your child want to go surfing? Are you on vacation at a hotel?

I’ll pick you up and we’ll surf together.

A “Taxi Surf” service, how does it work?

Firstly, we communicate by telephone to find out your level of practice, your desires, and check our respective availability.

Then, we create a WhatsApp group “Teacher, Parent(s), Child(ren)”, allowing us to agree on meeting times depending on the sea conditions and your level. You are thus informed of the schedule and location of practice if last minute adaptations are necessary.

I then come to your home or hotel and we put the equipment in my van. Then we go in search of the best waves in the area :-)!

During the trip, we discuss weather conditions and previous experiences. Arriving at the spot, we observe the body of water (currents, practice area, risk assessment). We develop the session objectives together.

We change, warm up, then go into the water. I am then a guide who opens the way. I accompany you to pass the waves and to position yourself in the right place, where the wave begins to break (if we go offshore). Throughout the session, I provide advice and I guarantee your safety. You or your child then catch many waves.

  • Sourire des enfants après une session de surf
  • Taxi et cours de surf pour enfants depuis Biarritz

We get out of the water together, take off our wetsuits and have a snack to regain our strength. Before and during the return journey, we debrief about this moment spent together.

Back home, I make sure everyone is home safely. (And I give feedback to parents on the experience… :-))

* This very personalized and high-end service is reserved for people wishing to book private surf lessons for a maximum of 2 people.