When conditions permit, I film your surf session, then analyze each wave with you one by one.

Why do a filmed surf session?

Surfing is a sport that provides strong sensations of gliding. With each wave taken, a large cocktail of hormones are secreted. This is what we are looking for when practicing, and it is also what makes us so “addicted”…

Our self-assessment, essential in a process of progression, is therefore often biased. We often believe ourselves to be better than what we are…

Taking the time to be filmed during a session is an opportunity to take a step back, to see yourself as you really are and as you really surf.

If the ego can be touched by the sight of reality, it is on the other hand an excellent way to objectify its strengths and its faults. When viewing, we can pause and analyze each position, each intention given and each trajectory undertaken.

Cours de surf avec analyse video

Is it possible to analyze a video filmed by a friend?

Yes, indeed, it is possible.

To do this, please send me your videos.

You can send me your files using a large file transfer tool such as “wetransfer”.

The advantages of being filmed and analyzed while surfing: maximize your progress.

Being filmed and analyzed while surfing represents a crucial step for any surfer wishing to perfect their technique, understand their mistakes and maximize their progress on the waves. This practice offers a multitude of benefits, from improving individual skills to allowing you to approach surfing more strategically.

Reveal the technical aspects :

By being filmed during a surf session, surfers have the unique opportunity to visualize their own technique. Details that may escape the naked eye on the water become evident on the screen, allowing in-depth analysis of body movements, balance and positions. This provides valuable perspective for identifying strengths to strengthen and weaknesses to address.

Correct the mistakes :

Video analysis helps highlight common mistakes and bad habits that can hinder a surfer’s progress. By identifying these aspects, surfers can adjust their technique more effectively and work specifically on areas that need improvement. This helps speed up the learning process.

Optimize wave reading :

Analyzing your filmed sessions not only provides insight into individual technique, but also into decision-making during the session. By understanding how trajectory choices affect ride quality, surfers can refine their strategy and optimize their positioning on the wave, thereby maximizing their ride time.

Track your progress :

By creating a video archive of their sessions, surfers can follow their progress over time. This can be a source of encouragement, showing improvements and evolutions in style. In addition, it allows you to stay motivated by having concrete goals to achieve.

Benefit from external feedback :

Having your surf sessions filmed also offers the possibility of collecting feedback from instructors or more experienced surfers. These external advisors can provide fresh perspectives and personalized advice, thereby speeding up the learning process.

In conclusion, being filmed and analyzed while surfing represents a valuable investment in your own progress. Whether to correct technical aspects, optimize trajectory choices or simply follow one’s own evolution, this practice offers a unique window into the world of surfing, allowing surfers to develop their skills and maximize their pleasure on the waves.