To maximize your surfing experience, I offer personalized support that ensures a safe and professional environment. Here are some typical services I offer.

Taxi & Surf

Surf guide, Taxi Surf, or private teacher?

Maximize your pleasure and your progress with complete and professional support in a small group.

Departure from Ustaritz

Do you live near Ustaritz? Me too.

Let’s leave together from Ustaritz, and go directly to the right spot that works today.

Video analysis

Are you ready to see yourself on video?

So let’s take the time to do a filmed session. This is the ideal formula for seeing your faults and thinking about correcting them. I also analyze videos filmed by your friends.

Surfboards, repairs and accessories

Do you want to equip yourself?

Whether it is choosing an imported surfboard, ordering a custom surfboard, or choosing the right accessories, I can provide you with the equipment you need. Indeed, I am in direct contact with the main importers and I am a shaper myself :-)!