The traveling SURF SCHOOL, open all year round!

Surf School travelling in Bask Country and south of les landes

The surf adventure between the Basque Country and the Landes: Your journey begins here!

Join us for a unique traveling surfing experience. From secret beaches to legendary waves, your adventure extends from the Basque Country to the South of the Landes.

Explore the best surf spots in the region, learn techniques from the pros, and vibrate to the rhythm of the ocean.

Private lessons

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Is your schedule as variable as the weather forecast in winter?

Sign up for our level groups and I will notify you when a “5 star” surf session is organized.

Tomorrow morning or in 3 days, if the conditions look great, I’ll let you know and we’ll open a “dream session”!

Séguy Christelle
Séguy Christelle
Jo est un excellent coach à l'écoute et pédagogue tout en restant exigeant. Il choisi pour vous les meilleurs spots, selon les horaires de marée et en fonction de votre niveau. Je lerecommande vivement!
Mathieu Meynier
Mathieu Meynier
Super expérience avec Jo! Les séances sont adaptées en fonction des conditions/spots. On se sent progresser au fil des sessions. Petit plus: les sessions filmées avec débriefing. Je recommande!
Guillaume Binard
Guillaume Binard
Super Prof/Guide, flexible et à l’écoute qui nous a sélectionné le meilleur spot de la côte basque en fonction des conditions du jour et de notre niveau. Je recommande.
Guillaume Le Rol
Guillaume Le Rol
Super expérience, très bon niveau technique et très pédagogue… je recommande vivement !!!

The south west of France offers a wide variety of surf spots. It’s an ideal playground for any type of surfer.

Over the 4 seasons, I adapt the session formats and my teaching to the weather conditions and your progress.


For thrill-seekers, it’s big wave season!

We explore the coast together, on exposed spots for chargers, or fallback spots for intermediate surfers.

Each practitioner brings their complete neoprene outfit.

Autumn and Spring

Autumn and spring are the ideal seasons to enjoy waves of all sizes in pleasant weather conditions, and without being caught in the middle of the summer crowds.

Ideal for a 5-day internship during school holidays

Individual coaching or mini groups on technical reef spots in the Basque country or learning to tube on the right sandbank


The water is warm, and the waves generally small. It is ideal for completely new surfers or those with a low level.

5-day courses from Monday to Friday

Private lessons

When a swell is in sight, I organise mini-group sessions (4 people max) at sunrise.

Traveling Surf School: The Ocean School between the Basque Country and the South of Landes

Embark with me on this extraordinary adventure of traveling surfing, where each day is a new lesson, each destination a unique adventure. As both an experienced surf instructor and a passionate shaper, I will help you discover the unrivaled merits of an immersive experience between the Basque Country and the South of the Landes.

Why choose Ecole.Surf?

Choosing your traveling instructor is much more than booking a simple surf lesson; it is engaging in an immersive adventure where each moment becomes an unforgettable experience.

Here is why my unique approach between the Basque Country and the South of Landes stands out:

  1. Diversity of Experiences: With a traveling instructor, you discover an infinite variety of waves. From the idyllic family beaches of the Basque Country to the iconic waves of the South of Landes, each day offers a new adventure, suitable for all skill levels.
  2. In-depth Customization: Your instructor is not only a surfing expert, but also an experienced shaper. Each board is carefully tailored to your needs, providing a truly personalized learning experience centered around your unique style.
  3. Exploring Exclusive Spots: Avoid crowded spots. Thanks to our itinerant approach, access exclusive locations, chosen for ideal conditions adapted to your level. This is the assurance of an authentic experience far from the usual crowds.
  4. Integrated Adventure and Learning: We don’t just offer you surf lessons. Each day is a complete adventure, combining exploration, understanding the waves, and perfecting your skills and choice of equipment.
  5. Exclusive Shaper Workshop: Immerse yourself in the world of shapers thanks to our exclusive workshops. Understand how every detail of your board impacts your surfing experience, adding an enriching dimension to your learning.
  6. Safety and Trust: Your safety is my priority. With our experienced instructor and first aider at your side, benefit from secure supervision that promotes confidence, allowing you to push your limits with complete peace of mind.
  7. Passionate Community: Join a community of surfing enthusiasts. Share unforgettable moments with other ocean lovers and year-round surfers, creating lasting bonds and a warm atmosphere that goes far beyond simple surf lessons.

By choosing your traveling instructor, you are opting for much more than classic surf instruction. You are opting for a complete experience, an adventure rich in discoveries and an authentic connection with the ocean. Embark with me on a limitless adventure where each wave becomes an opportunity for learning and growth.